How to Make the Most of Your Summer

Let me tell you how my summer's going so far and give you some advice.

So uhhhh, its just the start of Summer 2019 🤙

​ But I started my “vacation” like a month ago. I ended my first year of college at the University of Maryland back in May. But let’s go back in time a few more months, when it was the start of mid term season.

​ There I was in prison cell (a.k.a my dorm) thinking about what to do over the summer. I loved the idea of just spending my summer teaching my self machine learning, more automation, and/or just other programming stuff. Since, it’s worked out for me over winter break, when I learned to make a website with Ruby on Rails. There were a few more benefits like being able to hang out with friends that were back home, sleeping in my own bed, and not having to worry about applying to anything. That last point is what hooked me for a couple of months. I hate applying to things. For (1) it bring pain to my self esteem (2) researching takes time (3) essays. “Wait Peter, there aren’t any essays on CS internship applications”. Well, I didn’t know that until my I saw my roommate shotgunning 10 applications a day.

​ Seeing my roommate showing me how easy the application process was convinced me to apply to my first company. Then I applied to my second, then my third, and eventually I got 5 done in a single night. Long story short, I got rejected from all 5. Why? Well I did start applying 3 weeks before the semester ended, and by then all the major roles have already been chosen.

​ I thought to my self, “well there goes my summer living the life programming for $$$“. There’s always a happy ending to these stories so…

​ I just happen to be visited by an engineering education researcher for my Contemporary Issues in STEM course. And let’s just say, I got pretty interested in his expertise, leading me to apply to be a research assistant over the summer. This was all very last minute and luckily I got the position.

​ This has been a long build up to a story of me getting my first college opportunity. But, I still haven’t answered the title questions: “How to Make the Most of Your Summer”. Being away from home has taught me that I don’t like home, and maybe this is true for many of you. I enjoy being with my roommate. I enjoy being able to plan event every weekend. I enjoy the late night Smash bro tournaments. To sum it up, use your summer to balance life and all that it has to offer; get some work done, interact with friends, and meditate with yourself.

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