Best Room in Cambridge Halls

Why Room 4111 is the best.

Why should we care which room we get?

     Rooms aren’t just a place a place where you sleep and relax, its also a pretty nice place to study. I find that studying in my room works best for me, because I’m not distracted by the looks of others or the tapping of pencils across the room or the constant typing of CS majors that I would otherwise experience at a public place. But, then again… everyone different, so who am I to say which room is the best in Cambridge Halls for studying. Well fine, lets get back to the main point of a room, which is to sleep and relax. I’ll be discussing why room 4111 is the best in terms of sleep and relaxation. 

🤩 Luck of the Draw 🤩

    As a freshman or just about any year student, you really don’t have a perfect choice for where you want to live. Freshman specifically can’t even choose which dorm to live in, unless your in one of those fancy living learning programs like I am. Yep, I’m in the Scholars: Science Technology and Society program. So that pretty much means that you’ll have to be in Scholars to even get a chance to live in Cambridge Halls. Cambridge is arguably the best dorm on North Campus besides Oakland. But not only that I got the best room in the whole building, room 4111

 private static int getChanceOfRoom4111() {
    int min = 0;
    int max = 434095239845;

    Random r = new Random();
    return r.nextInt((max - min) + 1) + min;

Why 4111?

    TLDR: sunlight + view + convenience = perfection. 

    The 4th Floor does have it’s downsides like having to walk 4 flights of stairs and the bathrooms are typically much dirtier than any other floor (I’ll go into my theory for this in a later post). But the view is unmatched, especially if your on the side facing Farm dr., which 4111 is. The position that 4111 is in allows you to look straight down the middle of the Atlantic Building’s sky bridge. On a sunny day, there’s nothing better than just starring straight out the window as students walk down the scenic path. 

    Besides the awesome view, the rooms facing Farm dr. actually get sunlight! Vitamin C! As we all know <%sunlight == happiness%> //True. The side facing the opposite direction get almost no direct sunlight, due to how the sun rises and sets; by the time the sun reaches that side there ain’t no sun left. 

    Lastly, 4111 is the cloesest room to the private bathroom on the side facing Farm dr. besides the RA dorm. One of the struggles of living in a dorm is having to use public bathrooms. They just suck, but at least with 4111 your close by to one.

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